Video and photos inside: “How you doin?” Wendy Williams stops in Atlanta for book signing

Celebrity talk host Wendy Williams made her way to Atlanta for her book signing for her latest book, “Ask Wendy” at Barnes and Noble in Buckhead (Atlanta). There were hundreds of fans awaiting the queen of daytime talk. She came in at 7 p.m. on time to be exact! She looked fab in all black everything! The book sold out in minutes. Fans left to go other stores just to get the book! Wendy drew a diverse crowd. If I would not have known better, I would have said Wendy was running for office! Young, old, and people with disabilities all came out to get a glimpse and to hear her say, “How you doin?” She has patience of Job because after signing book number 200 I would have stamped their books! LOL. Even Kenya Moore’s ex, Walter from RHOA wanted to “Ask Wendy” about how to not deal with psycho women and which hair dye to use…The crowd even told Walter “To Twirl”…. I can’t …But check out the video of Wendy reading men that tell women to get vaginal rejuvenation because of their shortcomings with no remorse and to see more pictures after the heartbeat!

A special thanks to my friends over at the show! :-)

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