Valoh Apparel Introduces A New Concept in Clutch Wear

Topaz w In Front of Retractable
Wednesday, January 23, 2013, Valoh Apparel House held their Caught In The Clutch: Press Dinner to showcase the launch of their new “tri-wear” collection, titled “Pivotal”. The evening began as some of Atlanta’s top fashion editors arrived at Cafe Circa, ready to take note of Topaz Thomas’ (Valoh Designer) unique clutch line made for the modern- age busy woman. I hate I missed it! Live models worked the room and clutches were displayed at each of the candlelit tables so guests could see how this clutch line is different from any other; its versatility enables it to be worn three different ways: on the shoulder on the hip, or on the wrist. Not only is it versatile, but with price points ranging from $49.99 to $69.99, this line is perfect for the everyday woman’s budget. For more information visit or Check out the hawt fashion below

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