Tom Joyner Divorced Wife for Claudia Jordan?

tom joyner dating claudia jordan
Wait a minute honey! Let me get share this green tea with you! My sources have reported the reason that Tom Joyner and Donna Richardson Joyner, his beautiful wife of 12 years parted ways was because he was alledgely caught having an extra-martial affair with Claudia Jordan. Yep, Claudia Jordan the “reserved one” on Tiny Tonight and Celebrity Apprentice. Not only did Claudia play for Tom’s charity, but Tom Joyner gave her $20,000 to contribute towards her fundraising on the show. I guess although she has been romantically involved with many high profile men Jamie Fox, Maurice Green,Lamar Odom she couldn’t get any of them to give her money for the show. SMH… My sources also revealed that Tom’s sons and advisers hate their relationship.
Do you think it is true? Or do you think someone released the rumors to gain press?

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