The Afro Perm, turn your silky straight hair into an Afro!

I am always online looking for fashion and hair trends. So I surfed Youtube and stumbled upon a young Youtuber by the name of Haircrush was talking about Asians (Koreans) with coarse hair. I had no idea that Asians (Koreans) of all people, could have coarse afro kinky textured hair.
Last night, I thought it would be a good idea to do a little research. Someone created a chemical reverse Relaxer or The Afro Perm which creates hair bonds that make the hair curl instead of straighten. Well, I found out that some Koreans communities have adopted Coarse Kinky textured hair as part of their heavily influenced culture. A culture which has heavy influences by African-American, Hip Hop, and Reggae culture.

I really don’t know how to feel about this. I can’t help but think about how African-American men and women have been told that our natural kinky curly hair is ugly, nappy, unkempt and often times unprofessional. Amazingly, there is a group of people, who are known for their smooth silky straight hair, that women of color have paid hundreds even thousands of dollars to have, are now going in the opposite direction.

So what are your thoughts on this?

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3 Responses to The Afro Perm, turn your silky straight hair into an Afro!

  1. ravin says:

    I think it looks cute. The looks berter than the straight hair that has everyone thinking that Korean men look like girls

  2. Blue says:

    Umm it’s not a “reverse chemical relaxer” nor any type of cream . The process is done just like a regular perm , only difference is that much tinier rods or rollers are used to make little “coils” in the hair like that of natural African American hair . The size of the rod/roller used on the hair is what determines how your hair will come out (like kinky , if you use very small rods/rollers) . There is no magical potion or cream that just turns the hair into the opposite of what you already have .

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