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Survivor Editors Go On Strike, Premiere In Jeopardy

Survivor editors go on strike and put the premiere episode, which was recently extended to 90 minutes, in jeopardy. The long running show is no stranger to controversy, with some incidents in the past, but this is a big one.

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Survivor Eye Luv Garrett Adelstein

Since today is the Survivor season finale I wanted to give a you a sexy Survivor contestant, Garrett Adelstein, to look at as your Eye Luv. Although Garrett was eliminated in the second episode, he will still be considered one … Continue reading

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The Top 10 Television Shows Of 2013

Television is one of the few things that connects all of us in life and these 10 shows have connected us all throughout the year of 2013. House Of Cards premiered on Netflix and revolutionized the way that we all … Continue reading

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Kelly Rowland Was Lost at Sea! Rescued by Coast Guard

Kelly Rowland and five other passengers were enjoying a whale-watching trip on a rented boat until they got lost at sea in Provincetown, Massachusetts.

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Survivor Phillipines Eye Luv Pete Yurkowski

Ladies today your Eye Luv is Pete Yurkowski of Survivor: Phillipines on CBS. Make sure that you tune in every Wednesday at 8pm EST to see Pete outplay, outwit, and outlast the other survivors while looking ripped.

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