(Photos Inside) Stacii Jae Johnson’s Single Girls’ Experience

Kwanza Hall, Catherine Brewton, Stacii Jae Johnson

This weekend I had the chance to attend The Single Girls’ Club Experience presented by the exuberant Stacii Jae Johnson. Stacii Jae is an actress, media personality, and reality star Stacii Jae Johnson. She hosted her very first day conference on Saturday at the Renaissance Waverly Hotel in Atlanta. First, I must say that Stacii Jae is the epitome of a go getter and whatever is placed in her heart she goes after it. Stacii took upon herself to honor women who are change agents by their own rights.
The room was set up for intimacy with dim lights and fresh flowers setting the tone for the attendees to get ready to “Learn, Loving, Laughing, Learning, Me” which was the mantra for the event. Kiana Dancie welcome the attendees followed by Stacii Jae “Setting the Stage: Single, Successful, Sassy & Living My Best Single Life.” Sheri Riley welcomed by applause taught the ladies how to “Live in Your Power: Stop Spending 100% of Your Time on 10% of Who you are.” Shawn Bullard, star of hit We TV reality show “Match Made in Heaven” sat down with Stacii Jae to give a bachelor’s advice for single ladies.
He gave his reality check list on what he believes are key components in attracting and keeping a good man. I did not agree with some of the things he had on his list. But that is another story. To each is his/her own. After listening to his checklist, Stacii Jae presented two awards to two deserving women. She presented The Deborah Jefferson Love Works Award to Tiffany Smith, CEO of The Nine09 Group.
Then she presented The Crown Award to Catherine Brewton, BMI Vice President of Writer/Publisher Relations in Atlanta. Catherine Brewton took her award and shared advice to the single ladies in the crowd.
My paraphrased takeaways from Brewton’s acceptance speech were:
Operate in purpose;
Don’t date where you eat
Don’t chase money over purpose
Operate in overflow
Don’t date fixer uppers; #byefelecia
Don’t date men without passports
Give your way out of a situation

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