Serena Williams’ stalker arrested!

New York Post)- A man was arrested early Tuesday morning in Florida for allegedly stalking tennis star Serena Williams, WPTV-TV reported. Patenema Ouedraogo, 40, was arrested around 2:00am ET near Williams’ home in Palm Beach Gardens and charged with stalking and cyber-stalking. Police said they found a letter in his car in which he professed his love for Williams.
Ouedraogo, who has a Texas driver’s license, was stopped by private security guards who recognized him from alerts they had received about a man who was allegedly stalking Williams. According to the report, Ouedraogo told police he had been following Williams’ whereabouts on Twitter. That is why your location should be turned off and stop telling folks where you are all the time..

He has a face only his mama can love…..

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