Racism in the 21st Century

If minorities ever wish to achieve “equality” in the world, one must understand that recognizing racism should be on top of the agenda. It is poignant to say that hatred manifests in the 21st century. The problem of racism is a multifaceted one; it is difficult to differentiate it or place it into any one category due to its far-reaching impacts and repercussions.
Over 50 years ago, a myriad of black Americans were being shot, lynched, or mutilated by men (victims of moral decay) who were not afraid to openly brag about their gruesome crimes to their friends and families. Today in 2011, those abhorrent monsters still exist. However, instead of physically murdering people, they taint the character of many through their prejudice actions. As a culture, one must understand conflict resolution. Recent studies show that there are nearly 1,000 identified hate groups in the US. For example, there is a “movement” (I use that term lightly) to destroy black Americans who are considered successful which could be interpreted as a threat because they possess and execute the same knowledge possessed by other counterparts.

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