Queen Elizabeth ordered Prince William to destroy wedding guest list!

In a recent documentary filmed by ITV for Queen Elizabeth’s Jubilee, The Duke of Cambridge talks about the time The Queen told him to destroy his weeding guest list and how he manage to survive on only two hours of sleep. More after the heartbeat.

The most important part of a Royal Wedding is making sure you invite the Who’s Who of the world…there’s no mistaking that. Prince William was well aware of that, but when Royal officials handed him the Wedding Guest List with 777 names on it, and realized he knew not one person on the list, he did what any concerned groom would do. Prince William, went to the Queen for advice, once he made his concerns known, the Queen promptly told him to “get rid of it”. Queen Elizabeth then ordered William to compose a list himself and start by inviting the people both he and Duchess of Cambridge knew, then they would add the people who needed to be there, ending her statement by saying, “Its Your Day.”

Getting married can be stressful whether you’re a Royal or a mere commoner. It’s no wonder that William was only able to get 30 minutes of sleep before his VERY big day. Try a couple of Billion (viewers) big.


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