Queen Elizabeth II to receive a $100 Million Pay Cut!

Since the news of a turn around for the U.S economy, other countries continue to struggle with economic hardship. One country in particular ( U.K) announced that it would be cutting funds from the Royal Family. Queen Elizabeth, who makes around $47 Million dollars a year from the U.K tax payers, will be receive a massive pay cut of almost $100 Million. The Queens pay cut will only last for 2 years ending in 2015. But, the queen isn’t the only member of the Royal Family to take a hit from the economic hardship in the U.K. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge has been cut off as well, leaving Prince Williams’ father Prince Charles to foot the bill for both the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

In light of the news, the Queen doesn’t seem to be at all bothered, as she just plunked down a whopping $800,000 Thoroughbred Horse.

It must be nice living that 1% life! More after the break.

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