Is planking related to slavery?

Of course I did a little research and it revealed that slaves were chained and attached to “plank” beds. They were forced to lay face down with their arms by their side and their wrist chained to their waist. Some were even stacked on top of each other with no room to move. Keep in mind there were not any restrooms and they were exposed to bodily fluids, etc. Not many of the slaves survived, many dying from dehydration and disease. You can’t always jump on the bandwagon just because you saw someone else. Everything has a hidden meaning. Cultural sensitivity is real. Yes, it maybe fun for now but it is an insult to some. Although “planking” wasn’t the official terminology used by slave masters it is still seen as an insult to some African Americans. I don’t know why and don’t have the answer! At the same token, it is seen as a core strengthening exercise to others. This is for you to decide. I can’t decide whether it is related to slavery or not. I can say that I am not jumping on a bandwagon because I saw someone else do it. But what I can say is since people are doing what everyone else is doing …can you mentor a child and donate to cancer research? Sidenote: You can’t find everything on Google. It is not the only method to conduct research. Furthermore, there are so many other things that evolved from slavery but are not talked about. It is a self charge to engage in conscious thinking.
I reached out to Mr. M.D., my former history teacher and he stated,

It’s the 2011 version of stuffing 20 people into a Volkswagen bug or a phone booth (crazy stuff kids in the 50s and 60s did). BUT…while ‘planking’ might be OK if you are Irish or German descent, it does take on an entirely different meaning if you are African-American AND if you saw ROOTS!…and if you saw Alfie Woodard narrate “The Middle Passage”

See more pictures after the heartbeat.

More information
Plank collar

A plank collar is used on slave benches. It is a heavy wooden plank with five semicircular openings, when the plank is lifted it provides holding collars for five slaves. The plank is then chained down. The primary holding arrangement for women on the benches, however, is not chains. Each place on the bench is fitted with ankle and wrist stocks, and for each bench there is a plank collar, a plank which opens horizontally, each half of which contains five matching, semicircular openings, which, when it is set on pinions, closed, and chained in place, provides five sturdy, wooden enclosures for the throats of women. The plank is thick and thus the girls’s chins are held high. The plank is further reinforced between each girl with a narrowly curved iron band, the open ends of which are pierced; this is slid tight in its slots, in its metal retainers, about the boards, and secured in place with a four-inch metal pin, which may or may not be locked in place.
Savages of Gor pg 60

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68 Responses to Is planking related to slavery?

  1. Chile.... says:

    welp there goes the fun in that little trend that was around for ten years. Everybody just getting interested in it because people are having too much fun. Maybe it would been better if they did handstands instead.

  2. Stop the madness says:

    Ok…so this article was written today June 28, a day after planking hit twitter. I for one, I think this is crap…and I’m black! Planking was not a term used by slave masters. Period. Planking has been a fad for YEARS now and if it was racist, trust and believe someone would’ve said something long before now. Some people just wanted to rain on other peoples parade and started this “slavery relation” nonsense and others are jumping on the bandwagon b/c they think it’s stupid. Yes, planking is stupid, however, it’s funny nonetheless. Let ppl have their fun. #hangitup
    *goes to take planking photo*

      • KNOWLEDGE OF SELF says:


        • Some people will say stuff and really convince themselves that it is real.

        • I'm just saying says:

          I agree! There is some relation from a historical standpoint, but I doubt that the poeple who started the trend were doing it as a slavery mocking effort. Back in the 60’s, the police used to hose us down, but that doesn’t stop us from bustin’ a hydrant to play in the hood on a hot summer day. πŸ™‚

    • DJ Smith says:

      you obviously aren’t really black. you probly grew up in a privileged environment and have nothing but white friends that sit around and make black jokes with you. Regardless of how you feel about the article, the fact still remains that the s*** came from somewhere, and it’s not a coincidence that planking actually started in Australia and Europe, some of the major slave-trading areas; and little do you know it was started by the people in power/political positions, so what does that tell you about the game. People thought it was fun and games to mock Christ and what he went through…hell, people do it everyday everywhere by wearing those Crucifixes and getting it tatted on them.

      ***Edited to remove vulgar language

      • DJ Smith,
        My granny would not let me wear a cross when I was younger because she said I wasn’t worthy enough πŸ™‚

      • Dwayne says:

        Everything comes from somewhere so that means every single slang term or fad will now be examined and the negative will be pulled out of it. If thats how you feel then you should get mad at black people when the say they just “hanging”. Dont be so quick to crucify something or someone for having fun. If this wouldve been something a rapper came up with you guys wold be all over it.

        • Dwayne says:

          And to clarify I dont do it i think it’s stupid however Im not gonna try and stone those who do. Im sure each and everyone of you do things that are disrepectful to the black race I do and I have balls to admit it. Instead sitting here writing articles get out and do something all of you instead of complaining do something to better black people since you all feel so strong about this. Again I do not plank nor intend to however I will laugh at an occasional pic because its funny and creative.

      • Lise says:

        Thank you DJ, some people are so lost they just can’t or refuse to see the truth. They’d rather live in a pretend state of consciousness, it makes them feel better. I guess it’s true what they say about ignorance being bliss (for ignorant ppl that is).

    • Mzz Word says:

      OMG β™₯ your comment! My “funpolice” friend sent this to me. I just want to have fun. I dont want to feel like I am disrespecting my ancestors. Life is what YOU make it. and you made me lol! Have fun!

  3. Cherron says:

    Just Because it’s been a fad for years doesn’t mean you can ignore the history of what it originates from! People can be ignorant and thats the beauty of twitter cuz at least SOMEONE will take the initiative to research before just joining in! Clearly the term planking is used for a reason! It’s disrespectful to our ancestors to take such a devastating experience and turn it into a game! Picture yourself or a family member asas one of those slaves and then post as planking pic you’re heartless and ignorant.

    • MsCheevious says:

      The term planking also comes from Yoga. “PLANK” is a standard yoga posture, very similar to the posture in “planking”. Just because something is called planking, and the position these people put themselves in is similar, does not mean that’s where someone got it. Maybe they were making fun of Yogis – because they practice yoga in all manner of public places – at the park, on the beach, in parking lots… at least in large cities. Who knows? But I do have to say this was an interesting article. Very informative, and very very sad what was done to these poor human beings. I am glad some idiots have not as of yet started placing themselves in chains and such — there would be more deaths. But in all fairness to others – as some here have already said – we can find so many phrases AND practices today – in our everyday lives that have roots in barbaric and stupid behavior. Hell- the republican party, when it started was the LIBERAL left, wild party! HA! But now look at them. I prefer to take people – ALL people – at face value for who they are, and what they stand for. Life is so much more enjoyable and worthwhile when we can do that…. and the energy we put out there – positive and loving – is far more influential than just about any other approach. But hey – if this is your crusade – more power to you! Go for it!

  4. Anastasia says:

    This article makes perfect sense. Hell whites made a sport outta hangin us…why not make fun and games of the torture blacks faced being brought to America??? its just a shame that our own people are just joining in like its all good. and YES I am BLACK

  5. questions says:

    So u say you did a little research and found all of this information…can you please reference your research? I’m sorry if me asking for your references is too much, but I’m no sucker that reads anything and everything on the internet. I bet it was “hear say” from someone else because honestly, I saw another Twitter post where someone tweeted this same thing, but couldn’t recite references. Please let me know…I’m planning a city-wide plank-a-thon.

    • Hi Questions,
      Look at the pictures …. Is that enough for you? Have fun at your plank-a-thon. Evidently, you did not read what I wrote. Reading is fundamental and thank you for visiting MY site.

    • Questions, I guess pictures aren’t proof. Secondly, references are listed as sources below. Thanks for visiting my page πŸ™‚

  6. shakira says:

    Well, think about it the term “planking” didn’t get pulled from the air it has to have some kind of root (or root words) related to it. I’m black as well and the first time i saw someone “planking”, it freaked me out! I didn’t find ANYTHING FUNNY ABOUT IT! Now that i see some relation to slavery I definitely will not have ANY participation in this “game”.

    • I agree. Folks forget etymology exists.

      • Trkstr4l says:

        etymology of the word plank for all of you “c.1200, from O.N.Fr. planke (O.Fr. planche) “plank, slab, little wooden bridge,” from L.L. planca “broad slab, board,” related to phalanga “pole to carry burdens,” from Gk. phalange (see phalanx). Technically, timber sawed to measure 2 to 6 inches thick, 9 inches or more wide, and 8 feet or more long. Political sense of “item of a party platform” is U.S. coinage from 1848. To walk the plank, supposedly a pirate punishment, is first attested 1822 in Scott.”

        With an ing at the end it would be the act of laying down a slab of wood or slabs of wood. Planking the word was not first applied to loading slaves onto a ship. Even the article says that the term planking was not used. Therefore the connection between the planking that is down now and the act of stacking slaves on ships are two completely different things. Even in the images those slaves are lying on their backs. If the fad was started to insult African Americans I’m sure it would resemble how the slaves are depicted in the pics. I think as an African American we need to stop being so sensitive. This fad was started in 1997 by two europeans kids who thought it would be fun and funny to find obscure places to lay down flat and take pictures. The fad was developed out of boredom not negative connotations like this article.

  7. R. says:

    Instead of accepting the fact that this technique has been around since slavery, people would rather debate on whether there’s something uncool about laying stiff as a board on top each other! Regardless of where it came from, it’s the most idiotic thing this generation has picked up due to trends! Are you kidding me! You want to debate historical fact just because the terminology doesn’t match the description of what you see in the slave photo! Bish please! Hold both pictures up past and present, take away the title of the TREND and see how they are IDENTICAL! Foolish a** people! It’s no ones fault you don’t know your own history as black people but you know all of the words to a lil wayne song! It’s no ones fault you idolize 50cent instead of Obama! It’s no ones fault your ancestors died to pave the way for education but you’d rather educate your self on what’s hot instead of what can take further in this world through knowledge of self!

    Kick rocks idiots! Planking is for the birds!
    “Birds of a feather flock together”


    *** edited to remove profane language

  8. R. says:

    I hope it doesn’t go in one ear and out the other. This generation is so quick to defend foolishness just to have a stance! Overstand what you’re backing before you defend it!

  9. Ayfrenchy says:

    Does anyone know if this was done to slaves of other ethnicities? We as black people tend to forget that other races were slaves as well.

  10. Stop the madness says:

    I’m not black? LMAO “o rly?” So….because I say planking has NOTHING to do with slavery….which it doesn’t…I’m not black? GTFOH! *dead* I don’t have a twitter but if you’d like, I’d gladly give you my FB URL. I’m black and proud hun. I find it absolutely hilarious that MFers are so in arms about this s***, saying “planking is a racist term!” but yet…I gaurantee you 100% of the people getting their panties in a bunch use or have used the n-word! A REAL racist term! Kill that noise! When have you ever heard of the term planking being used in regards to slavery?? Never! One person posted a slavery picture on twitter, which was in bad taste because slavery was/is no laughing matter…then next thing you know, MFers started channeling their inner Al Sharpton talking about “this is racist!” The point of the matter is “planking” doesn’t have anything to do with slavery nor was it a term used by enslavers. The articles posted don’t even make mention of “plank/planking” being used in that context. “Learn your history.” It’s called planking because you make your body stiff like a PLANK…a piece of wood. It’s just a random, silly thing people started doing for laughs. Nothing more…nothing less.

    You know… black people kill me sometimes. Always bitching about nonsense instead of addressing REAL problems w/in our community. A few people taking silly pics & posting them online aint one of them! You wanna get up in arms about something? Get up in arms about REAL S*** going on. Something that the resolution of such problems will actually make a difference. Crime, teen pregnancies, the continuing cycle of single parent homes, drug usage, poverty, the idea that not getting an education and gang banging is “cool”…do I need to continue??? B******about this little s***, is not helping! It’s “wasted energy on dumb issues.”

    ***Edited because vulgar language isn’t allowed on

  11. OMG no way says:

    OMG for all those who believe that planking has anything to do with slavery needs to go find something productive to do with their time. Only an idiot would think that some kid decided to plank because they were trying to mock how slaves were placed on ships seriously get real!

    • thad says:

      if you are planking then you are the one who need to go find something productive to do with your time. how is planking productive?

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  13. hey says:

    They look face up to me O_o

    • BlackCeasar2005 says:

      !!!!!!!!!!!! Why can’t anyone see this!!!! just ignorant. I HATE to see my people being ignorant and gullible to anything someone just post on twitter!!! use your common sense!

  14. Ayanna J says:

    Here’s my take on this….

    I’m not fully convinced that the term originated from slavery. However, I do see the connection. A Plank is a part of a ship. The part of the ship slaves/cargo were/are held. You can plank fish & trees. Also, you always heard in pirate movies the term “walking the plank”. I feel as if some are trying to liken it to “Lynching”, which is DIRECTLY related to slavery. It’s a trend that will be forgotten by noon next monday. We get so caught up in the fury, we pine for anything to cry out about. This isn’t it. If tomorrow everyone wants to take pictures of themselves being lynched, I’d say “Double check the rope.”, because everything you do is paid forward.

    There are way more important things to be worried about than this.

  15. Sarita says:

    Well. I saw some funny facebook pictures.. and immediately when I saw what they were calling it without any much knowledge of the trend automatically knew it was demeaning.. I think that anyone who is african american would be slightly offended in the least if they knew even a small portion of history connected to the term.. Planks as an excercise… sure… im with you.. but planking as an open show of IGNORANT behavoir is not acceptable.. under any means. if you look at what they are doing… its a further mockery of how our ancestors were brought over here revisted as a open air public prank and show of ignorance. What is more hurtful is that african american men, women, and children who are just in it for laughs… are not even culturally sensitive enough to understand how their participation is furthering the mockery and spreading of a very publically sensitive term in association with the trend. Why cant they just call it something else? If its not racial related? You dont see me going around saying Im starring people(jewish)… or swastikaing or that im kluxing… going around with Hoodies with pointy tips on them… OR what if you saw all african americans adopt a trend of hail hitlering each other? laughing saying that it was all in fun ?? Wouldnt caucasian america feel guilty or upset about this? See how racially sensitive those terms are?? Exactly the point… Lets just continue the fad but if your just that adimit about having your fun… but at least have the cultural sensitivity for those of us who are african american and do realize the public humiliation that is taking place without regard to our history…. to CHANGE THE NAME then. I do not supprt this… plan on speaking up against it.. and continually working towards eliminating further ignorance, scandal, and humiliation of our ethnic background. PERIOD. grow up.. there are other ways to have fun…

    • You are well spoken and raised vaild points. It may be fun but at what cost will people pay?

      • BlackCeasar2005 says:

        It has been called “Planking” because your body is stiff like a plank nothing more!!! In fact, when the harmless game first came out it was referred to as just “the lying down game” Educate yourself before you fell offended.

  16. Jasmine says:

    Weren’t slaves positioned face up (not face down like in the planking game)?
    I can’t say with 100% certainty that when the person came up with this game they were not trying to reference slavery and be disrespectful but it seems highly unlikely that was their intention. Today it is quite easy to find offense in anything if you ‘research’ hard enough but why waste the energy? Why take a mostly harmless, even though its nonsensical, game and read more into it than neccessary? I saw the pictures on twitter and heard the term and did not think of slavery at all and thats not me being ignorant of my culture or naive. And if I’m wrong and the original intention was mean-spirited, at the end of the day they are the ones lying face down in the dirt(or wherever) looking ridiculous.

  17. Kelly says:

    You have to remember that people want slavery to be forgotten so of course people will comment on here that they are black & planking is still cool. They don’t know any better…… another benefit of slavery… the loss of self respect & culture.

  18. JFlo says:

    I think people are failing to understand the argument being made here. No one is saying that planking itself is a racist term or that planksters (regardless of race/ethnicity) are racists. What is being said is that the act of planking is very similar to the methods used to transport slaves, and therefore, it is offensive.

    Who cares if the fad is 2 days old or 10 years? That doesn’t matter. It’s the feelings that are evoked in those that are knowledgeable about their history, and able to recognize the similarities between the two instances.

    SMH at the fact that someone making a valid point is causing people of the same ancestry to argue amongst one another. Why can’t we just have a civilized discussion and appreciate others’ ideas?

  19. RYE says:

    This is silly. Planking didn’t becoming associated with slavery until peple started making the association NOW. I think once the trend started to be seen by black people, someone thought oh, this reminds me of a slave picture i’ve seen. I recently took a Black Diaspora class where we explored slavery intensively (and no I’m not claiming to be an expert simply because of this). Alot of the material we studied was written by people of color and I have not once seen “planking” mentioned. I’ve more commonly seen it referred to as simply “stacking” slaves. When one commenter said were losing our power as black people by letting others get away with mocking our history, I thought the exact opposite. We’re given them the power by becoming offended and riled up about an issue as silly as planking, that I believe doesn’t have anything to do with slavery, while they continue to poison our communities right in front of our faces while we sit here and get self righteous over a silly fad.

    • Jay says:

      Theres a lot of things you may not see or read about in mainstream books about how cruel slavery really was. One class is not gonna do it. And some people just don’t want to except it. Imagine people being treated like live stock, human beings sleeping in cold cabins that were poorly ventilated. Got the worst food, mainly the parts of pigs the slave massa didn’t want. Men forced to breed with women and then their babies being sold to another plantation. And yes this is true. They laid on top of each other for weeks. Pissing and popping on top of each other. And then when they would run out of food, they would toss slaves over board.. And this is not even half… Hardly a 3rd..

      • RYE says:

        Not one mainstream book was read in my class. I took classes with experts in the study of Black Diaspora, slavery, etc so I believe I have a pretty solid education in my history.If you can show me a single reference for this term then i’ll happily admit that this is even remotely related to slavery. In ‘Reversing Sail,’ (not mainstream) the author gives an excellent account of the horrors of slavery. Or Fredrick Douglas’ autobiography or Olaudah Equinao’s autobiography. I agree 100% with you about how slaves were treated. Having your limbs tied to two separate horses that are beaten so they run two separate ways until you’re torn apart or having one slave feed another slave their defecation is not something that you’re gonna find in these mainstream history you’re talking about. I feel like it’s a disservice for someone like you that seems to have a grasp to regulate a silly game to be associated with slavery. I don’t know about you but my history not start with slavery. Nor does the etymology and usage of the word “plank” begin with slavery and can be used to apply to a variety of things.. I guess trees should start to get offended because people are actimg like there dead tree relatives that get turned into planks of wood

  20. MikeBaby says:

    i disagree, with it coming explicitly from slavery it’s just rhetoric to rile up the masses at some point [like now]. planking coming from slavery is ridiculous. people need to look up the etymology of “picnic”, “lynching”, and the application of the phrase “tarred and feathered.” planking is something stupid that kids [99.99% chance they were white] started doing because of a cartoon. we didn’t get planked, we got bought, sold, exchanged, traded, imported and exported. not planked. planking = face down, slave ship cargo was face up

  21. jomo says:

    Regardless of the origins, black people need to stop following white people trends. We use to make culture.

  22. KismetDestiny says:

    The article clearly says “related to” slavery. Face down, or face up, slaves were transported “similar” to the way planksters are posing.

    • BLACKCEASAR2005 says:

      How do you KNOW slaves were transported this way. Your looking at BLUEPRINTS of how people WANTED us to be transported. There is no proof of what position we were in. Let it go!! live your life and look towards the future, have fun and enjoy every day. Everything is not against us.

  23. Jay says:

    Very interesting and very sad at the time. I really appreciate this article because it shows at least one aspect of how cruel and inhumane slavery really was. Imagine people being treated as livestock and not human beings. And there’s a whole lot more that people don’t know. But it also shows that even through harsh adversity; we are the products of true strength. And that we ourselves are stronger than most of us think or can imagine.

    • Thank you so much.

      • moz says:

        Yes, thank you Courtney. I had no idea about the different ways slaves were transported across the seas. I always figured they were packed in tight or whatever, but never saw any actual diagrams. very interesting!

    • MsCheevious says:

      my sentiments too. This piece had very well written details about how horribly cruel these humans were treated!!! but it really is best to educate without ostracizing the people you want to educate. I for one never even thought of it – like I said, my only frame of reference to “planking” was from yoga – and I am an instructor. One of the ways they teach you to teach “plank” is to tell people to make their body stiff as a board – like a ship’s plank. Very sad indeed that it hurts people. I do want to go and look up the etymology of picnic now, though! It just highlights how so much of our history is laced into our everyday patterns, words and phrases. Most of which we are ignorant of. But I challenge anyone to change the patterns, the behaviors, the language so completely that no culture is offended. Come up with something everyone can follow and spell it out – it’s just impossible. The beauty of who we are as humans is sometimes more obvious because of where we came from. We all have faced horrors – some more than others, and all of our ancestors have had to endure terrors we’ve never known. Black, white, european (jewish, italians, arabs, you name it), asian, whatever… History is FILLED with examples of atrocities. We can’t walk in today’s world fearful of conjuring up those images, or whether something is PC or not. It’s just not do-able.

  24. A Lost Society says:

    I don’t think its moreso the term “planking” but the actual act and position. And slaves were put face up, face down and on their side. It’s sad to say majority of blacks cant even tell you what the middle passage is let alone determine if this is racial or not. THAT is the major issue and THAT is what is wrong with the black community. You can say whatever you want but the lack of knowledge about our history is KILLING our communities and that’s what nobody wants to talk about. True story, my niece is in the 9th grade and has yet to learn about the civil war and this year is the 15oth anniversay. I’m also sick of the “n” word agrument, if somebody black says it..and?? Maybe the say it because of the lack of knowledge instead of passing the buck TEACH!!! INFORM!! I was blessed enough to have my father sit me down and make me read about my history and appreciate what my people went through. America wants slavery to be pushed under the rug and Im glad this planking incident came up so hopefully it makes somebody learn something. Material things are valued more than education and until this is changed, nothing else will. But lets not forget Hate and Racism is very well alive and breathing so it don’t be so quick to say it’s not.

  25. Mrs. nita says:

    Well I think its stupid. even if the pictures dont say planking on them I still see a connection. This also makes me think of death. In some of these plank blogs ppl are layn on top of each other. even if u believe or not tht its related to slavery jus think about the ppl tht died and had to actualy be placed like this without chains or it being a joke or funny.(katrina,china). Its stupid. I hope this whole thing stop soon and people find better things to do with there time.

  26. Sharie says:

    Unfortunately, Black people, you roll your eyes and close your ears to those who address our community! How do you know that “No one is addressing our issues”?? There are always town hall meetings and programs or the betterment of our community! Matter of fact, black folks who say “we need to address our community issues” what have you done? Do you volunteer with tutoring programs? Are you mentoring are troubled youth? Are you standing up against the filth they call music thats fueling teenage pregnancy, STD’s, and illegal drug usage in our community? Or are you just bobbin’ ya head? Have you educated yourself? All I see is ignorant individuals going on 4 letter word colloquial rants of NOTHINGNESS! Is planking asinine? Most assuredly so! Is there origins in the “carrying of slaves” to America? Duh, you can’t tell? But at the same time who goes to a good PicNic every now and then? You know what it’s origin is.?? Pick-A-Ni***! White families gathered to pick your great-grandfather and hang him from a tree… Sometimes they burned him alive or even yet… Your great-grandmother… Hung her and cut the baby out of her womb and watch it hit the grown! Wise up people! Even though common sense is not common, I urge you to find some!
    We’re dying because the average black person refuses to take anything seriously! Our community heals one mindset at a time!
    God Bless!

  27. kayla says:

    This argument is dumb. Planking is a fad, slaves weren’t planked. They were lynched,whipped,exported. etcc.. It doesn’t matter if this country is trying to sweep slavery under the rug. That was how many years ago?????? Don’t use that as another excuse to be all you can be. Planking has nothing to do wit slavery, and if you ever seen roots you would know that they were lying face-up not face-down. We need to be addressing the fact that it’s just plain n simple and dumb trend. People are so quick to follow a trend and defend it no matter how dumb it is just to have a stance. We’re living in a nation full of followers and not enough leaders and this truly scares me.

  28. Jaydeen says:

    Damnnit! This is just ridiculous… I understand the cultural sensitivity towards planking because someone started spreading some perceived connection to slavery but I think its silly both ways. If your really that offended, go out and Join Big Brother/Big Sister or find some where to volunteer to offset all this “evil” out there instead of just complaining…really we have better things to b**** about people.

  29. Marco Marcel says:

    To be honest arguing over this is stupid and a waste of time. The laying down game “planking” does not have any correlation to slavery. It’s a Parkour sport over in Australia that just became a fad on twitter yesterday. It’s been out for awhile and people wasn’t complaining about until now. If you want to get technical, Planks are wood and you plank wood in order to make houses and buildings.

  30. Black Cleopatra says:

    We as Blacks, African Americans or whatever you want to call us..Built this country on our backs (literally)!! We developed math, science, and even electricity (sketches were stolen by Edison from his slave), when Christopher Columbus so called navigated here (not sure how he discovered America as the Native Americans were already here…but we can debate about that later..)he was directed by a one of his slaves…I mean literally everything was stolen from us, our woman and manhood’s, our children, our ancestry, or history, heritage, our land, our wealth (we were KINGS and Queens in African/Egypt), our men, kids, women (were repeatedly RAPED, killed hung) and you all wanna debate over some planking..Of course it came from slavery..but who cares..we have so many other/bigger fish to fry…The Jewish folks went through the Holocaust (And now they are basically running shit..they got paid for their loss)..yes..But we went through hundreds of years of the oppressors doing what ever they deemed necessary, the belittlement alone is enough to run someone CRAZY!!! And they wonder why a huge percent of our black men are in jail physically or mentally..You all can keep the BS about planking…as I mentioned before…WHERE IS MY 40 ACRES and my MULE dammit!!! I could use that right about now…I’m just saying..

  31. ThirdEyeOpen says:

    Courtney, maybe your next post should be the Willie Lynch Letter… Obviously it worked on some people, bc this “black people are sensative…” “get offended easy…” hmmmm, I wonder if black ppl were to position themselves in the salute to hitler and post that crap… if Jewish people would get offended? hmmm… I wonder if some of these people will say “the Jewish ppl are sensative… and get offended easy”. I doubt it. Why is it “OK” for other ppl to “know” and “understand” when they are being offended the race “card” can be pulled? Yet when blk ppl spk up! blk ppl are “pulling the race card again…” “This is not related to slavery…” “the position of their bodies are facing up not dwn..” Hey guess what ppl, some of us read the Willie Lynch Letters and WE are not stupid. If we are offended, we are offended, point blank period RESPECT IT.

    WHY is it when the roles are reversed, we are NOT ALLOWED to FEEL offended? WTF is THAT about.

    For some of you “im black and dont think there is a comparison” people… Continue to STAY SLEEP WALKING maybe you’ll fall into a hole of deeper misunderstanding of history… Oh wait you may PLANK yourselves out… dammit… oh well..we tried πŸ™‚

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