First Look: Lifetime’s Aaliyah Biopic

Aaliyah is finally getting the biopic treatment, and Lifetime has released the first teaser for the soon to be released biopic. This haunting teaser features the actress playing Aaliyah dancing in baggy cargo pants, a sports bra, and jean jacket. Its eerie how much she looks like Aaliyah, it gave me goosebumps watching her dancing, because if you didn’t look close you would think its Aaliyah. Continue reading

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Chelsea Handler Announces Date For Netflix Debut

Chelsea Handler Netflix Debut Date

A month after ending her long running talk show Chelsea Lately, Chelsea Handler has finally announced the date for her debut on Netflix. On October 10th she will be releasing her Uganda Be Kidding Me Live stand up special via Netflix. Which will be followed by 4 documentary specials in 2015 and then her show will return on the network in 2016. Continue reading

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George Clooney Is Married

George Clooney Married

Hollywood’s most eligible bachelor is finally off the market, yes ladies the unthinkable has happened George Clooney has married his fiancĂ© Amal Alamuddin. I have to say I never thought I would see the day when George Clooney is no longer a bachelor, with the hottest women on the planet on his arm every five minutes *turns around to see if pigs are flying*. We hear at would like to wish George and Amal our very best, and LuvBugs after you finish weeping over the loss of Clooney, click after the heartbeat to learn more details about the wedding. Continue reading

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August Alsina Says He’s Ready To Go Back On Tour

August Alsina Ready To Go Back On Tour

August Alsina is recovering but he is ready to get back on tour as soon as possible. Apparently after waking from his 3 day coma, August Alsina has nothing more than tour on the brain. While most people who just survived a fall like the one he suffered from, and then woke up from a three day coma, would be thinking of resting. As a young singer, who is currently set to go on tour with Usher later this fall, its understandable August is ready to get back to work. The singer is currently in recovery at his home in New Orleans and took some time to speak out about his plans for the future after his recovery… Continue reading

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Shonda Rhimes Rules Thursday

Shonda Rhimes Wins Big Thursday

All hail the Queen!!!!, Shonda Rhimes won big Thursday night with the premieres of her three shows dominating the night. Greys Anatomy, Scandal, and How To Get Away With Murder destroyed the competition and showed us Shonda Rhimes is the future of television. Continue reading

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