Natalie Portman Is Taking A Break From Hollywood After Her Next 5 Movies

The beautiful and talented Natalie Portman has said that she feels people are going to start getting tired of seeing her, and she just might be right. Natalie Portman has 5 movies coming out within the next 4 months and then don’t forget all of the multiple award shows we will see her at because of the outstanding work she did in Black Swan. Natalie told Entertainment Weekly recently ” I’m a bit like, ‘Oh God, people are going to get really sick of seeing my face, but I’ll be out of the public eye for a while after this. I promise.” The pregnant Golden Globe winner has No Strings Attached which came out this past Friday January 21st, The Other Woman on February 4th, Your Highness April 8th, Hesher in April, and Thor May 6th. Natalie will surely be busy walking all along red carpets for the next few months, but it will be well worth it. Natalie is a favorite to win the Oscar for Best Actress this year and its going to be great to see her win for a perfect movie. If you have not seen Black Swan please go see it, it is at theaters worldwide, I promise you it is one of the best movies you will ever see and thats a Maury1 guarantee.

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