Morning Inspiration: Top 7 Videos You Must Watch

Luvbugs, lets face it. Everyone has trial and tribulation that seems as if life is impossible to manage. I know I have had my share and at times I didn’t think I could make it through. I was faced with depression, rejection, and family issues. I am not the one to sit here and say don’t cry hold on. Nope I say cry let it out watch Youtube! Thank our Higher Power for it! Please expand your view and hear teachings from Jim Carrey to Oprah Winfrey. Check it out after the heartbeat.

1. Jim Carrey is known to be funny but he is so inspirational.

2. Here’s to the crazy ones

3. Everybody’s Free To Wear SUNSCREEN!

4. The Pursuit of Happiness

5. Jay Z Why live average

6. Napoleon Hill

7. Inspiring words from my Aunt Oprah Winfrey!

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