Meet Nicole Lyons, The First Black Woman Professional Drag Racer

Who said you can’t be a beautiful dare devil? Life+Times profiled the Nicole Lyons, a motorsports pioneer, discussing her introduction to drag racing, why women are more suited for high-speed competition, and her expectations for the 2012 season.
Lyons on her introduction into racing:

My dad [Jack Davis] was a famed street racer. He was that go-to guy on the street in LA. My dad used to take me to all the street races at seven years old until two in the morning. It was very natural because of my dad. With other forms of motorsports, there were no Black faces. In drag racing, I could say with my dad in my corner, I can do that.

Lyons on being a woman in a male dominated sport:

They do say in drag racing that women naturally have a quicker reactions. We aren’t overthinking things when we go to the line, we’re more fluid than men.

Lyons’ goals for the 2012 season:

I think my overall goal in NHRA is to win a pro mod championship, to win in NASCAR and ultimately own the teams and bringing up inner city talents.

Lyons on why it’s better to watch racing in person than on television:

I think racing is like golf on television, if you’re not there to witness what’s going on, you don’t understand it. You have to be there when you’re there and feel what it’s like when 8000 horsepower goes by you.


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