Mariah Carey Announces Her Split From Jermaine Dupri

Mariah Carey Splits From Jermaine Dupri

Mariah Carey has not been having the best year so far, first her new album (Me. I Am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse) sold less than 60,000 copies in the first week, separation rumors with hubby Nick Cannon, and now she has parted ways with manager Jermaine Dupri. Mariah Carey has split from Jermaine Dupri, the man that brought her back to the public consciousness after her emotional breakdown. The Emancipation Of MiMi sold over 12 million copies worldwide and brought the flailing diva back to number one. Jermaine Dupri was the mastermind behind that album and she continued that success with two subsequent albums, however after numerous album delays, and no successful singles, the album performed poorly. In my opinion this is not Jermaine Dupri’s fault but we all know that a successful single is one of the components to a successful album. At this point many of her competitors and collaborators are outdoing her, it seems that Mariah feels like a change in management will help. This change in management comes in the form of Kevin Liles, who will now be taking the reigns of Mariah Carey’s career. Kevin Liles has taken people like Trey Songz and made them semi-superstars, but can he turn an older superstar back in to mega star? I doubt it. Mariah Carey is not over but it is time for the diva to choose a different path. Something new and exciting is needed in order to jump start Mariah Carey’s career, something like Beyonce’s experimental visual album. Mariah and Jermaine Dupri made magic once I am very sure that they can make magic again, they need to get back in the studio and try something new and take some time to experiment with new sounds, Kevin Liles may not be the best choice for her in my opinion, I mean he is still managing Trey Songz and all he is giving us is more of the same.

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