What do you think of Kim Kardashian Break the Internet photos?

Kim Kardashian West has done it again! She attempts to #breaktheInternet with her latest nude photoshoot for
Paper Mag
. As soon as the photos hit the net it took social media by storm. Kanye West’s wife has proven to be even more controversial than his infamous tour rants.
PaperMag.com reports

If you know nothing else about Kim Kardashian, you know that she is very, very famous. Some would say that’s all you need to know. At press time, she has 25 million Twitter followers, about a million less than Oprah Winfrey and nearly 5 million more than CNN Breaking News. Her Instagram account, where she is a prolific purveyor of selfies, is the site’s third most popular. You can’t walk through a supermarket without glimpsing her on a multitude of tabloids whose headlines holler about her relationships, her parenting style and the vicissitudes of her ample curves. But she has also graced the covers of highbrow fashion bibles like W and Vogue; with her now-husband, Kanye West, she appeared on the latter above the hashtag #worldsmosttalkedaboutcouple, creating a furor that made it perhaps the #worldsmostcontroversialcover.

I have no words because she is her own person and please believe that this is the norm that society has determined. Wait on a second note, Blue Ivy’s facial expressions represent my thoughts.
Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 6.56.29 AM

Kim does have talent. Her talent is to make money by any means necessary and to continue to be the trending topic in media. However, just in 2011 she was in tears and blindsided by W Magazine showing nude photos of her! Refresh your memory after the heartbeat.

“I was naked but fully covered in silver paint,” Kim explains to her sister. “This artist will put images of architecture and buildings and stuff on top of me so you will see my body shape and the outline but not actually my boobs or anything.”
Kim then says during her breakdown, “I’m more naked here than I was in my Playboy. I’m so f***ing mad right now. … She promised I would be covered with artwork . … This is serious porn … you can see nipple.”
Kim later adds, “I feel so taken advantage of. I’ve definitely learned my lesson. I’m never taking my clothes off again, even if it’s for Vogue.”
Fast forward to 2014 you can see what she does.
Sorry but I will not be posting the photos on this site! Go check them out on Paper Mag’s site.

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