French Designer makes lingerie for little girls.

A few weeks ago, I defended French Fashion Magazine, Vogue, for their use of a 10 year old model in high heels, make up and, adult attire. With the release of the pictures of the 10 year old girl in French Vogue, we should understand, that when it comes to children, the French are a little more liberal than the US.

With that being said, a French Lingerie Designer has come under fire for designing lingerie for little girls between ages 4 and 12. The lingerie line includes, bras and, panties, among other things. Furthermore, I think people are more so upset at the fact that the girls were actually photographed wearing the lingerie or that they were wearing lingerie period.

Anyways, there are more pictures of the lingerie line posted below if you wish to view them.

Views discretion is advised!

After coming under fire from bloggers and news agencies alike, Sophie Morin (the French designer of the lingerie) released a statement to She explains to Radar that the photos depict nothing more than children playing games and that none of them are wearing heels, nail polish or lipstick.
It sounds as if Sophie took a direct jab at French Vogue.

As seen on Swift Reality.

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