Does Jay-Z support Gay Marriage?

Late last week, the Commander and Chief of the United States of America, publicly endorsed Gay Marriage. Since his decision to go public with his opinion on the matter, the President has received a lot of blacklash backlash. Well, Hip Hop mogul, Jay-Z, is stepping up to the plate and is now backing the President on the hot topic issue of Gay Marriage. More after the heartbeat.

During a recent interview with CNN for a brief interview while in Philadelphia to announce his plan for an upcoming two-day music festival. During the interview, Jay was asked how he felt about Obama supporting Gay Marriage, Jigga replied, “It’s the right thing to do.”

This leaves me to wonder, is Hip Hop ready for a Change or is this just a one-sided opinion? What do you think, is Hip Hop ready to change or is it way too soon to tell?

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