The statements made on this website are the sole opinions of Courtney Luv, if not sited by references. We try our best not to offend people, but sometimes people are offended with the truth (which in many cases it is their own actions) if it is you go read your Bible and tell it to Jesus. : ) If there are errors please let us know…we may change them… we are human and we make mistakes….

By the way, Images/Material used on CourtneyLuv.com. Majority of the images used are photos floating around the world wide web. Before posting photographs and media content, I try to ensure photos are royalty free, and are covered by the U.S. Copyright Fair Use Act (title 17, U.S. Code.) Now, if you feel I have illegally obtained and/or published material that you posses the copyrights to, please send me the following information and it will be immediately removed:
* A copy or description of the copyrighted work you claim infringement
* Contact information of the rightful owner of infringed material including, but not limited to: Name, Phone number, direct email address, and physical address.
* A statement proclaiming, in good faith you believe the copyrighted material used, was not authorized by you or any party/agent legally authorized by you.
* A statement stating all information mentioned above is accurate and a electronic signature.
P.S. Under the United States law, perjury is a felony that can carry a five year sentence. Falsifying information or lying to me is really sad so let’s not go that route!
Luv you much

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