True Story: Confessions of a blogger

Let me say this, blogging is not easy. It takes time, money, and mental health to blog. The other day I had a conversation with a fellow blogger and we shared our love and hate relationship with blogging and the false expectations. I had this post topic drafted in February and I had to find the words to type. I am a blogger that has to make a lively hood. I am a social media strategist. I invest in continuing education so I can be greater than the day before. I love teaching others how to blog. However, my skillset does not come free. If I am good enough for you to ask me for advice, then I am good enough for you to pay me. I know my value. Free is not it. :-). Would you go to Saks pick up a pair of shoes and walk out the store? Hek no! It is the same thing with trying to pick my brain. God said, your gift will make room for you. Teaching others is my gift. Secondly, I am willing to support people if their vision is in alignment with mines. I am not posting your cleaning service if I have not used it especially not for free. My hosting provider charges my American Express card for their annual fee. Translation: it costs me. Furthermore, I have to pay webmasters and pay for photos too! I am not finished yet, don’t send me recaps to events in which I did not get an invite. No me gusta. So disrespectful. Plus I am picking and choosing my events that I attend anyhow. My car uses premium gas and I shall not park on the street. Translation: it costs me. Treat invite media with respect when they are helping you cover an event. My rant continues, I commit to two community service projects a year. One in which I have already done. So there is one more left! Blogging is more than type words on a page. There are millions of people who blog for a hobby. I don’t. I am at this point in my life where I can say “no” with a smile. Shameless plug: listen to my podcast.

Download the call and listen on the drive.

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