Christian Louboutin and YSL are winners at red sole appeal!

Do you remember when I told you that Christian Louboutin and Yves Saint Laurent would be heading to court over the red bottom controversy? (click here if you need a refresher) Well the verdict is here!
Christian Louboutin released a formal statement after the announcement of the verdict:
“We welcome the decision of the Court of Appeals and will study today’s ruling at great length. We are extremely pleased and gratified that the Appellate Court found our key arguments to be correct: first that color can and does serve as a trademark in the fashion industry, and that Christian Louboutin’s world famous Red Sole trademark is valid, protectable and enforceable.
As we have said throughout these proceedings and we reiterate now, especially in the light of this decision, we will continue to take all steps available to protect our trademark.”
So for those of you out there using red soles freely, beware… it ain’t legal. And on a personal note, congrats to Christian Louboutin on a ruling that will protect the legendary red sole now and forever.

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