Brutha's Anthony Harrell Has A Leaked Mastrubation Video

Anthony Harrell from the Def Jam Records Group Brutha and the BET Reality Show Brothers To Brutha has been exposed in a recent video he shot where he masturbates in front of a mirror.

Anthony Harrell was known as the brother in the group who had an alcohol problem and was also the lead singer. Anthony Harrell is far from that in this new video that just came out as he seems very horny and aggressive. He is heard in the video with an abnormally deep voice saying “Yeah baby I want you to suck this big D***”. Now we here at are not going to post the video but I will tell you where you can find it. was the first ones to post the video and expose it you may find it there. Or if you are a member of the adult video website some people have posted it there. And if you are just a little more freaky than most and would like to have this video for your own public viewing at anytime. You should type it into google and they will direct you to a website to download it.

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