She loves the B! Beard Game Matters group goes viral on Facebook!

If you haven’t heard of Beard Game Matters Facebook group than you have been depriving yourself.
Mike McMillan said he started the group Beard Game Matters to have a collective space to collaborate with other men with beards and to promote his beard care products
The group has grown to over 500,000 members and counting.

Although the group’s focus is to help men take their beard game to the next level, ladies are joining to admire their bearded zaddies.
This group is not for the faint of heart so if you have a pacemaker, please make sure you have your cell phone in your hand to dial 911 if you can’t handle the handsomeness.

Here is a little peek of what is in store for you.

If the group isn’t enough you can join, a dating site for beauties and beards.

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