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CourtneyLuv.com  was founded in  2009 with the idea of creating one place where all things newsworthy for fashion and lifestyle are reported 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!  CourtneyLuv.com is dedicated to bringing you piece of life.  We update the site throughout the day to ensure that our readers will receive up-to-date coverage of news in the headlines. We also like to shed a positive light on the lives of everyday people. Over 7,000 posts we are still standing with loyal readers like you by our side. Though the information posted on CourtneyLuv.com will often reflect the opinions of its writers. One of our goals is to keep our blog clean, so that no matter who is reading it, our site will be user friendly. Our main Goal for CourtneyLuv.com is to become a safe and positive place for lifestyle, entertainment, and travel tips and news in hopes that our readers will be able to express themselves through our comment sections. We read and reply to the comments that are left on our blog. Since our readers are such valuable assets to us, we try our best incorporate them into our website by taking certain requests. To show our readers exactly how much we love and appreciate them, we offer free giveaways and contests. Thank you for supporting www.CourtneyLuv.com!

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