A Brave Young Girl

I saw this video today on WorldStarHipHop and I thought that this young lady should be commended on her bravery. A young girl suffering from physical abuse at the hands of her father and brother, and suffering from sexual abuse at the hands of her cousin, and watched her mother getting brutally beaten by her father. At first glance you wouldn’t even know she had a care in the world. Pay attention and always report suspected abuse, there are too many young girls and children suffering from verbal, physical, and sexual abuse. Stand up and speak out against all abuse, as this brave young girl did CourtneyLuv.com commends her on her bravery.

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One Response to A Brave Young Girl

  1. Maury1 says:

    This girl is so brave I can’t even imagine having the bravery to tell a story like that and not break down in tears. The bravest and strongest young girl I have ever seen and shes probably years younger than me. An amazing story and tremendous wake up call for all those young girls and young people who are going through abuse in any form.

    Thank You GretaThoughts that was powerful

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