4 Reasons Why I am Single and Damn Happy!

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Damn! Damn! Damn Blogger Burnout

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Flashback Friday: B.B. KING Best Solo Guitar King of Blues

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Morning Motivation: Warren Buffett and Jay-Z Reveal 10 Secrets to Get Rich

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At some point in your life you have to make a decision to follow your vocation. Do not be discouraged by the rejections. Use these rejections as reflective tools to see how you can evolve. However, can’t accept the rejections with a plan to become greater. You have to know what your strengths may be and how you can use them to empower the world. You have the power to change the world.

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Enroll Now Blogging University 101! Starts May 11th

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Thank you so much for visiting CourtneyLuv.com over the years. Now it is time for you to create your own blog and share your stories. I have created a course just for you in which I share things I learned over time as well as studied. It is no better time than now. Think about it. Your Facebook posts that are super long, could actually become blog posts and you can earn from your thoughts. Why not invest in yourself? Start the right way. There are only a few seats remaining. Get yours today. Click here to register.

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