T.I. Releases Track List For Paperwork:The Motion Picture

TI Paperwork The Motion Picture

T.I. will be dropping his latest album on October 21st, and fans finally have a tracklist to wet their appetites until the release of the album. This will be the first album T.I. has released since his Gold certified album, Trouble Man: Heavy Is The Head, was released in the Winter of 2012. Continue reading

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The Secret of the Perfect Selfie

Is it me or are selfies taking place of professional photos! Many people are opting to take their own pictures instead of asking a random stranger. While taking strolls through London streets I noticed more selfies than ever. Continue reading

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London Fashion Week 2014: Street Style Takes The Show

All eyes were on the fashion digs at London Fashion Week, proving that street style can be just as eye-catching as the well known designer creations seen walking down the run-way. The alternative catwalk was filled with colorful creations, chic tailoring, and studded ensembles. Creativity at its best was the theme of the time. See more photos after the heartbeat. Continue reading

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The faces of London Streets

I make friends with anyone!

I make friends with anyone!

So once again your favorite girl’s favorite blogger took her talents to the friendly skies and I hopped across the pond to come visit London. Last year, I made a pact that I would travel more and see God’s creations! For sometime I was stuck in a box and afraid to live. No more! I didn’t get my first passport stamp until the age of 29 and I can’t believe I deprived myself of life experiences! Oh how I was missing out so much. I know you are asking why am I posting random photos of people! Let me tell you why. I used to be so afraid to speak to people and ask questions due to the fear of rejection. No more! These photos are from random strangers in which I just asked, “Could I take a picture?” They responded happily and no questions asked! I hope you enjoy my mini gallery of my faces in the streets of London. Continue reading

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Chris Brown X Album Review

Chris Brown X Album Review

Chris Brown has been having a very hard year and it won’t be getting better anytime soon with this new album. The album sounds like a man tired and depressed, and no longer willing to try musically. The joy of his previous albums is gone as he contradicts himself on multiple tracks and seems confused about his own views on women, fame, and sex. Continue reading

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